Sullivan Law Firm, APC has made its home in Inland North County San Diego for over 30 years. Beginning in Escondido, Michelle Sullivan formed her practice with the intent of helping individuals and families resolve their differences at a time when everything feels out of control.

Envetually settling in the North County San Diego community of Rancho Bernardo, Sullivan Law Firm has grown to handle divorce litigation and mediation issues througout all of San Diego County.

Our philosophy is that there is more than one way to handle a legal issue, and our goal, from the outset, is to find a method which meets your needs and best interests.



“Michelle Sullivan has been my family law attorney for the last 18 years. Michelle has handled both pre- and post-judgement issues for me. She aggressively advocates my position while providing cogent, incisive advice and counsel. Michelle has detailed knowledge of military family law issues and can translate and apply that knowledge to California family law. Honest and realistic in her evaluation of the situation, Michelle always provides you with the pertinent information so that you can make a fully informed decision on how to proceed with your case. Highly recommended for any family law case dealing with military issues. Michelle and her firm are my 'turn to' attorneys.”

-M.J., San Diego, CA

"Over the last couple of years, continuing child custody issues have required the services of attorneys on numerous occasions. While we have been generally satisfied with the representation we have received, we have always thought the industry could use improvements in general office organization and client service. What a wonderful difference we have seen in your office and practice! Your office is well organized and a great example of efficiency and excellent client service."

- K.K., San Diego, CA

“Thank you so much for holding our hands through this adoption process. We are lucky that we had such a skilled team to help us win such a rough case. The adoption day went wonderful and we can start anew! Thank you for everything!”

- L.K., San Diego, CA

"I would strongly recommend mediation in general to all parties beginning the divorce process, and would recommend Michelle Sullivan specifically to all who are in the greater San Diego area. She not only saved us tens of thousands in legal fees over a traditional divorce, she kept us from becoming adversaries.

As my husband of two decades and I accepted that our marriage was inevitably ending, we agreed that for the sake of the children, and our remaining assets, we did not want the typically contentious process often created by hiring two opposing attorneys. We realized, however, that as a couple whose greatest struggles had revolved around spending decisions, communication and decision-making processes, we were perhaps not excellent candidates for mediation.

Despite our well-established patterns of bickering and jockeying for control in these most important of areas, Michelle Sullivan has done a wonderful job keeping us focused on our long term goals and helping us compromise. She has alternately corrected and supported each of us as was necessary, and has proved herself a skilled negotiator and a woman of compassion. Even more importantly, Michelle's involvement kept us operating as a team throughout the settlement process. This allowed us to continue to co-parent effectively as well... a reality I cannot imagine would have been the case had we each hired our own attorney. We are grateful."

- N.S., San Diego, CA