This traditional approach utilizes a Superior Court Judge to resolve your differences.

Michelle Sullivan has been litigating Family Law issues for nearly 30 years. She will represent you and will be present for all court hearings and prepare all pleadings on your behalf.

Due to the nature and breadth of the California Family Code and California case precedents that are available for counsel and the court to use to determine the outcome of your case, this can be an effective manner to resolve disputes. In highly conflicted cases, or where one side is overly emotional, this may be the most cost-effective and cost-efficient manner to obtain a Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage.

There are very rigid procedures involved in presenting cases to the Court which must be followed. Most parties will be best served by hiring counsel to assist them through this process. If your spouse has hired an attorney and you have a court date pending, you should obtain your own attorney whether it is Michelle Sullivan or not.

Litigation is a public setting and all of your information will be available to the public through the court file, which is a public document, as compared to Mediation and Collaborative which remain confidential and private. This means that your family, friends and co-workers have the ability to read about you and your spouse during business court hours.

Finally, once you proceed through the court room doors, you are allowing the Superior Court Judge to decide the outcome of any issue that you submit to him or her. Therefore, you have delegated all decision making authority to a third party on issues such as custody and visitation or support.