Family law matters are handled on an hourly basis only. The overall amount of any divorce is based on the amount of time required to bring the case to Judgment. As the old adage states; "Time is Money" and it holds most true in Divorce matters. The amount of time is based mainly upon the following factors:

(1) The nature and amount of conflict. The more emotional conflict and fighting involved between the parties, the more it is going to cost.

(2) The complexity of the issues involved. Custody and visitation disputes involve the most amount of time.

(3) The methodology selected to resolve your disputes. Depending on the amount of conflict and the nature of your case, there is a fee structure for you:

Divorce Litigation (Requires Retainer): Retainer and deposit depend on the amount of conflict and the type of dispute involved.

Divorce Mediation (Requires both parties to appear at first meeting): First 20 minutes are at no charge to the parties and consists of a general introductory presentation on the mediation process and other alternative dispute resolution processes.

Collaborative Divorce (only one party may be present for the first meeting): This methodology requires that both parties cooperate to be successful in obtaining a Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage. If your spouse is not cooperating or there is a high degree of conflict, then you will not be eligible for this fee structure.

Limited Scope Divorce (one hour of legal time is required as deposit): I will act as a consultant only to your case for limited issues. Payment is expected when services are rendered.

When you are ready to contact our office, please call (858) 451-9390 and ask to book an initial consultation with Attorney Sullivan. The first twenty minutes of the consultation are free to you and are an educational time devoted to informing you of your options based on your particular situation and needs.

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Based on complexity of issues and nature and degree of amount of conflict.